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No vaccination record for 80% of patients in Reference Hospital

24/01/2022 15:46

Up to 80% of coronavirus patients who are hospitalised at Famagusta General Hospital, which also operates as a Reference Hospital, are without vaccination record, Amalia Hadjiyianni, the Scientific Director of the Larnaca - Famagusta Hospitals, told CNA.

She added that "currently 57 patients are hospitalised at Famagusta General Hospital, 16 of whom are in the Advanced Care Unit since they need closer monitoring. The average age of hospitalised patients is 66 years, the youngest patient being 31 years old and the oldest 93, both with no record of vaccination."

Hadjiyianni noted that "80% of patients admitted to the Reference Hospital have not received the coronavirus vaccine. There are currently 35 patients with COVID-19 in Larnaca General Hospital, five of whom are in Advanced Care Units".

Eden Rehabilitation Centre "hosts 113 coronavirus positive patients, while 29 patients are being treated in the post COVID ward.  Today, Monday, people who were positive for coronavirus, are expected to be discharged after ten days according to the protocol, as well as patients hospitalised in the post COVID ward ".
In response to a question, Hadjiyianni said that "the admissions of patients with coronavirus have started to stabilise, despite the current load in the Advanced Care Unit and especially the Intensive Care Unit of Nicosia General Hospital. The situation is manageable," she noted, sending a positive message that "even the small percentage of vaccinated patients admitted to public hospitals are protected from severe disease and death."
She also described the vaccination against COVID-19 as "very important", since, as she explained, "the data available to scientists and doctors prove that vaccinations protected the population. Moreover, hospitalisations in Cyprus hospitals clearly show that both morbidity and mortality are reduced".
Regarding vaccinations in Famagusta province, Hadjiyianni said that "they continue at the same pace, that is, every day about 400 people go to the Vaccination Centres to receive the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dose of the vaccine. The vaccination of children aged 5 - 11 years continues at the same intensive pace, with about 60 children receiving the vaccine every week".