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One death and 851 new COVID-19 cases on Monday

27/07/2021 09:31

The Ministry of Health in Cyprus on Monday announced one death and 851 new COVID cases while 270 patients are getting treatment in hospitals.

The positivity rate stands now at 1.18% and the total deaths at 404. The total cases since the pandemic broke out is 98,569.

From the 270 patients in hospitals, 76 are in serious condition and according to the figures, 85.5% of the patients were not vaccinated.

The new cases were detected from a total 71,959 tests ( rapid and PCR).

The deceased is a 74 year-old female who passed away at Nicosia General Hospital. From the 404 deaths, 266 are male  (66%) and 138 female  (34%) and the median age is 77,3 years.

From the 76 patients in serious condition, 31 are intubated, two are in an ICU and 43 in ACU.

From the 71,959  tests today,  8,272 were PCR and  63,687 rapid tests.

The cases were detected as follows: 16 from 273 samples in the framework of contact tracing, 13 from 3,428 tests at airports, 219 from 4,009 tests done on private initiative, 23 from 275 samples at the Microbiological Labs of General Hospitals, 2 from 287 GP referrals or testing at public clinics, 55 from 2,435 rapid tests done at private labs and pharmacies and 523 from  61,252 rapid tests done in the framework of mass testing of the population.

The positivity rate from rapid tests is at 0.78% in Nicosia from 22,688 tests, at 0.99% in Limassol from 14,675 tests , at 0.87% in Larnaka from 10,684 tests, at 0.86% in Paphos from 7,065 tests and at 0.73% in Famagusta from 4,669 tests.

Ten cases were detected at nursing homes in Nicosia, two in Larnaka and one in Paphos.