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One death due to Covid-19, 2,716 new cases on Thursday

07/04/2022 09:00

Cypriot health authorities on Thursday reported one new death due to COVID-19 and 2,716 new cases, bringing the total tally of deaths and infections since the outbreak of the pandemic to 950 and 449,715 respectively.

According to a press release issued by the Ministry of Health, hospitalisations declined to 202 from 207 the day before, while patients treated in serious condition in Intensive Treatment Units and Advance Care Units dropped to 27 from 30 on Tuesday.

A total of 72,788 tests were carried out today, with the overall daily positivity rate rising slightly to 3.73% from 3.53% the previous day.

According to the Ministry, the new fatality concerns  a 63-year old male, who passed away today.

Furthermore, patients receiving treatment in public hospitals decline to 202, of whom 27 are being treated in serious condition. Of the patients in serious condition, 7 are intubated, 2 are treated in ICU but not connected to a ventilator and 18 patients are in Advanced Care Units, the Ministry added.

Data show that 57.93% of the patients treated in public hospitals have no vaccination history, while 12 post-COVID patients who are no longer infectious are intubated in serious condition in Intensive Treatment Units.

According to the Ministry, PCR tests amounted to 2,928 detecting 243 positive cases with a positivity rate of 8.3%, while rapid antigen tests amounted to 69,860 after which 2,473 new infections were diagnosed, resulting to a positivity rate of 3.54%.

In the context of contact tracing, 277 PCR tests were carried out detecting 25 new cases with a positivity rate of 9.03%, while 57 new cases were found following 884 rapid antigen tests with a positivity rate of 6.45%.

On private initiative, 1,158 PCR tests were carried detecting 153 new cases (13.21%), whereas 32,531 rapid antigen tests were conducted, after which 1,518 new cases were diagnosed (4.67%).

In the context of the Ministry of Health’s testing programmes using rapid antigen tests, a total of 37,329 samples were taken detecting 955 new infections.

Following 18,703 tests carried out in the various testing sites, 792 new cases were diagnosed with a 4.23% positivity rate.

As part of testing in the education system, 9,982 tests were carried out in high schools, detecting 45 new infections with a positivity rate of 0.45%. Furthermore 3,316 rapid tests were done as part of the test-to-stay process, detecting 43 new cases (1.30%). No infections were traced following 599 tests in special schools, the Ministry added.

In the context of testing in elderly homes 1,317 rapid tests were carried out, detecting 14 new cases (1.06%), while new infections were traced following 2,528 tests carried out in closed structures (0.16%).