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One more death and two more confirmed cases of COVID-19

13/05/2020 10:03

One more death and two more confirmed cases of COVID-19 were announced on Tuesday during a press conference.

The patient, a 72-year-old woman with underlying conditions, succumbed at Famagusta General Hospital. The cause of death is not attributed to coronavirus.

The number of deaths due to SARS-CoV-2 is 23, while death from COVID-19 remains at 16. The overall number of positive cases is 903. Today’s new cases were detected out of 1153 tests.The two confirmed cases came up from 486 tests on a private initiative.

No positive tests were located from 142 contact tracing tests, nor from 271 tests at the General Hospitals Microbiology Labs and the 106 tests from special groups through public health clinics.

In addition, no confirmed cases were detected from the 80 samples taken from immigrant centres and 68 tests at employees in the retail business and construction sites.

Dr. Leontios Kostrikis, member of the Scientific Committee on the pandemic said that the epidemiological outlook is encouraging. We are in the second week since the gradual lifting of measures begun and the findings satisfy the Scientific Committee. Everyone’s efforts are yielding therefore we must continue with the same rhythm.

Dr Marios Loizou, Scientific Director at the Nicosia Directorate of the Cyprus State Health Services Organisation said eight people were hospitalised in good condition at Famagusta General Hospital, operating as the COVID-19 reference hospital. One patient was discharged.

Four remain intubated, three at Nicosia General hospital ICU and one in Limassol General Hospital ICU. Their condition is critical but stable.

Another three confirmed cases are hospitalised in other hospitals.

Dr. Loizou said that in recent weeks there has been a gradual decrease in cases. The picture, despite the small fluctuations, remains positive. “We have managed to reach this point with sacrifices from everyone at every level, personal, family, financial”, said Dr. Loizou, adding Cyprus must maintain the good picture it has overseas and remain vigilant.