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Police report 40 breaches of coronavirus measures within 24 hours

11/08/2020 09:41

The Police reported nine premises and 31 citizens from 0600 on Monday until 0600 on Tuesday for breaching measures to contain the novel  COVID-19 pandemic, after 917 checks were carried out in the government-controlled areas of the island.

According to a Police spokesperson, 80 checks were carried out in capital Nicosia, where one premise and 10 citizens were reported.

The Police conducted 166 checks in Limassol, where it reported three citizens. No premise was reported there.

In Larnaca the Police carried out 212 checks. No premise was reported, while the police reported three citizens.

Also the Police conducted 118 checks in Paphos where they reported three premises and seven citizens, while 161 checks were carried out in Famagusta district where three premises and five citizens were reported.

In Morphou the Police carried out 180 checks. Three citizens were reported while there was no report as regards premises.