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Police run 1,605 checks during the last 24 hours

03/08/2020 11:18

Cyprus police have conducted a total of 1,605 checks during the last 24 hours island wide. The majority of the violations related to citizens not wearing face masks which are mandatory in all indoor spaces since August 1 when the authorities announced new tighter measures in an attempt to control the spike in COVID-19 cases.

According to the Police, a total of 23 complaints were issued for violations in premises and 57 against citizens as follows:

Nicosia, 241 checks, 3 premises complaints, 24 against citizens
Limassol, 532 checks, 6 premises complaints, 16 against citizens
Larnaka, 255 checks, 4 premises complaints, 2 against citizens
Paphos, 165 checks, 5 premises complaints, 10 against citizens
Famagusta, 261 checks, 5 premises complaints, 0 against citizens
Morphou, 151 checks, 0 premises complaints, 5 against citizens