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A return to the pre-lockdown measures on the table at Cabinet meeting

05/05/2021 14:07

The government and Cyprus’ Epidemiological Team are examining the possibility of returning to the measures before the third lockdown as the current restriction measures against COVID-19 expire on Monday, 10th May. However some changes are not ruled out.

The Cyprus News Agency has learnt that the most favourable scenario is that from Monday, Cyprus will return to the same measures and relaxations that were in force before the lockdown on 26th April. The next couple of days will be decisive in presenting a clearer picture in relation to the virus’ spread within the community and hospital admissions.

The Cabinet will convene at 18:30 during which the new epidemiological data will be presented and the views and recommendations of the Scientific Advisory Committee, conveyed in writing to the minister on Tuesday, will be examined.

The final decisions will be announced on Sunday after an extraordinary Cabinet meeting.

Reliable sources have told CNA that some announcements might possibly be made on Wednesday evening after the Cabinet meeting to help students and professionals prepare.

The same sources said the Cabinet will decide on Wednesday whether students will return to school.

Two scenarios are on the table, one concerns the return of all students on 10th May and the other the return to classes for only third grade Lyceum students. The remaining students will return to school a week later.

The return of all students however seems the most favourable proposal and has been suggested by the Minister of Education. Among the issues to be examined tonight are the four-monthly examinations and the possibility of extending the school year.

It is expected that decisions regarding the return of students to classes will be announced either tonight or until Friday.

The same sources said that restrictions of movement for citizens as well as the obligation to send an sms before going out will remain in force. Two sms will be allowed daily for movement while the curfew will be extended to 2300 from 2100.

The cabinet will also decide whether to allow Cyprus` permanent residents to stay at local hotels from 10th May, when businesses will re-open.