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Safe Pass not necessary when outdoors as of May 17

14/05/2021 14:42

Cyprus Council of Ministers decided on Friday further relaxations of measures aiming to contain the spread of COVID-19, as the country’s epidemiological outlook has improved.

Health Minister, Constantinos Ioannou, said in statements after the Cabinet’s meeting that as of  May 17 citizens will not be obliged to show a Safe Pass when visiting the outdoor venues of restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, cinemas etc, while the evening curfew will begin at midnight and not at 2300.

Moreover it was decided that as of June 10 night clubs will operate again, on the basis of a road map and a health protocol that will be finalised during the next days after deliberations of the Health Ministry with the stakeholders involved.

The cabinet decided that as of May 17 the evening curfew will begin at midnight and not at 2300, the use of the Safe Pass will be compulsory for all indoor venues where a lot of people gather, as malls, theatres, cinemas, religious sites, and at events as conferences and trade fairs, the SafePass will not be compulsory for outdoor venues of restaurants, coffee shops, theatres, cinemas etc, while there will be further improved arrangements in the sports sector, that will be announced by the Cyprus Sports Organization.

Ioannou said that that the great and responsible effort which the large majority of citizens is making, in combination with the advanced stage of vaccinations against COVID-19 have contributed to the improvement of the epidemiological situation.

He noted that “the drop of the positivity rate and the clear decrease of the number of patients who are hospitalised during the last days has made us optimistic.”

The Minister said that the Council of Ministers was briefed on the programme of the vaccinations and the improved epidemiological situation as this is depicted in the National Surveillance Report. He went on to say that the implementation of the Safe Pass “provides us with an additional safety particularly at venues indoors, as churches, theatres, cinemas, conference halls etc, where the number of people who can be present there will increase as of May 17.”

Ioannou said that a Decree will be issued as regards the decisions taken by the Cabinet.

As regards the operation again of the night clubs as of June 10 he noted that the decision was announced so that the necessary preparation will take place and given the fact that the vaccination coverage will continue with equal fervour, leading the country closer to achieving the goal of immunity and contributing to the further improvement of the epidemiological outlook.

Ioannou said that the implementation of a lockdown during the two previous weeks brought the desired results, since there is an improvement of the epidemiological situation. The number of COVID-19 cases, the positivity rate and the number of admissions in hospitals record a significant decline and this is encouraging for the future, he added.

Moreover, Ioannou noted the fact that Cyprus’ vaccination plan has advanced and younger people are now being vaccinated. “The serious manner in which citizens address vaccinations feels us with optimism and allows us to hope that we will win this difficult battle,” he added.