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Target for vaccination numbers at “Walk-In” centres to be met by August

29/07/2021 16:38

Vaccinations against COVID-19 as part of the "Walk-In” programme initiated by the Health Ministry have surpassed eight thousand and is believed by the end of August the targets set will be met, according to the Ministry. At the same time, 970,000 vaccinations have taken place in Cyprus.

Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Health, Christina Yiannaki in statements on Thursday expressed satisfaction at the number of vaccinations through the “Walk-In” system and said she believes that in August targets will be met.

The Permanent Secretary visited on Thursday the “Walk-In” centre that started operating at the Cyprus University of Technology in Limassol where students went ahead and had their vaccinations.

She said the “Walk-In” vaccinations have surpassed 8000, noting this is very important for Cyprus and for the benefit of public health and society.

Yiannaki said that 73% of the population has received the first dose of the vaccine and 64% with both doses. Overall, a total of 970,000 vaccinations have taken place, which is more than 73%.

Mass vaccination, she added, is a weapon against the pandemic and urged the people to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their families and protect public health.

She thanked the rector of TEPAK, noting that this ‘opening day’ is very important for students that need to be vaccinated and enter the school year without cases.

Asked if the “Walk-In” programme is nearing its targets, she said that she hopes by the end of August "we will reach our targets" and pointed out that a very good percentage of vaccinations is taking place in the hotel industry.

Yiannaki said that efforts are underway for more “Walk-In” centres to operate as well as vaccinations for foreigners who are not members of GeSY.

Rector Panagiotis Zafiris said that the university is supporting the vaccination programme and urged all to trust scientists and go ahead with their vaccinations.

"We are doing the same with our students, staff and academics so that classes can resume with physical presence. Obviously", he said, vaccinations are the tool to use to achieve this goal.

The Pfizer-Piotech vaccination is offered at the “Walk-In” centres. Anyone interested can visit the TEPAK website or email [email protected] or call 25 002415 for more information.