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Two COVID-19 cases announced on Tuesday

22/07/2020 10:00

Cyprus authorities announced two COVID-19 cases on Tuesday bringing the total to 1,040.

One case is a Portuguese football player of Doxa Katokopias football club who arrived on the island July 18 from Portugal via Athens, on a special permit. According to the Health Ministry, the player showed a negative COVID-19 test upon his arrival but before training, the team authorities paid for a second test which came out positive.

The second case is a Cypriot citizen who displayed symptoms and took the test.

The Ministry in its announcement says that a total of 1,395 tests were conducted with the following results:

One positive test out of 328 samples taken on a private initiative.

One positive test out of 179  samples taken as part of referrals from personal doctors and special groups screening through the public health centres.

No positive results were confirmed from 511 tests carried out for passengers and repatriates, from 38 tests done in employees who went back to work in phase B and A of the relaxation of measures, out of 106 tests of contacts of confirmed cases, out of 127 samples taken from National Guard conscripts and 106 tests carried out by the Microbiological Labs of the General Hospitals.