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Vast majority of new cases are unvaccinated citizens

22/06/2021 13:41

Minister of Health Constantinos Ioannou called upon citizens under 30 years old to arrange an appointment for vaccination against COVID19, noting that the vast majority of cases or hospitalizations are citizens who are not vaccinated.

Ioannou, who visited on Tuesday the Famagusta General Hospital, which is the Reference Hospital for COVID19, said he was concerned about the increasing number of new cases.

Replying to questions about the number of cases, he said that on Monday the positivity rate had doubled and noted that this causes concern.

Ioannou said that it is worrying that the interest of citizens to get vaccinated has dropped.  He added that although the Vaccination Portal to arrange an appointment has been open since last Friday, very few appointments have been made so far.

That is why, he continued, we urge the people to be vaccinated and, in addition, to take personal health protection measures. 

"The vast majority of cases or hospitalizations are now not vaccinated, so if we want to protect our health and the health of our beloved ones, we must get vaccinated." he said.

Concluding, the Minister, who visited the Hospital to see the progress of the works for its expansion, thanked the hospital staff for their work in addressing the pandemic and caring for the patients.