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Toumpouris Costas


Costas Toumpouris studied in London where he became a member of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) in 1981. After receiving his qualification, he went to work in Cyprus for the Audit Department at Coopers and Lybrand, specialising in banks and insurance companies. Mr Toumpouris joined CLR Stockbrokers in 1990 and his vision and consistent leadership have shaped both the successful development and the solid reputation of the firm.
SecuritiesCompanyPositionStakeLast Update
CLRCLR Capital Public LtdΜέλος/Director15.950002/04/2008
ERPEuroprofit Capital Investors Public LtdΜέλος/Director0.000028/03/2012
COVToxotis Investments Public LtdΜέλος/Director0.000009/03/2012
CLLCLR Investment Fund Public Co LtdΠρόεδρος/Chairman2.150026/03/2009
BENBrainstorm Enterprises Public LtdΜέλος/Director9.680017/03/2006
MPTMallouppas & Papacostas Public Co LtdΜέλος/Director0.000031/03/2013
ARIJupiter Portfolio Investments Plc Co LtdΜέλος/Director0.000022/04/2012
FIAFinikas Ammohostou Inv. Public Co LtdΑντιπρόεδρος/Vice Chairman0.0000
CONFFinikas Ammochostou PlcΠρόεδρος/Chairman0.000012/03/2012
LILCP Holdings and Investments Public LtdΔιευθύνων Σύμβουλος/Managing Director7.980014/04/2010