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SFS Group Public Company Ltd

Company Description

Sharelink Financial Services Ltd. (SFS) is the leading provider of financial services in Cyprus with a fine reputation of being dynamic and innovative.

In 1988, Christodoulos Ellinas and Philip Larkos established the partnership of Share Link Stockbrokers & Investment Consultants to provide investment management for and or behalf of its clients. Since then, Sharelink has greatly broadened its investment horizon and expanded into a financial services group, which consists of a number of subsidiary and associated companies.

The subsidiary companies include Share Link Securities Ltd., AAA United Stockbrokers Ltd., Share Link Asset Management Ltd., SFS Custodian & Trust Services Ltd., Cypensions Ltd., SFS Corporate Analysis Ltd., SFS Corporate Management Ltd. and Sharelink Mutual Funds Management Co Ltd.

The associated companies are White Knight Holdings Ltd., CyVenture Capital Ltd., Leda Investment Co Ltd., Triena Investments Ltd., Unifast Finance & Investments Ltd., Ellinas Finance Ltd., ASTREA Investment Services SA, TFI Ltd., and Dot.Cy Developments Ltd.