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Cyprus Development Bank Ltd

Company Description

The Cyprus Development Bank (CDB) was established in 1963 to act as a catalyst for accelerating the pace of economic and social growth in Cyprus through the mobilisation and efficient allocation of scarce human and capital resources.

In the current economic and financial environment of Cyprus, CDB's actions aim at strengthening business entrepreneurship and competitiveness, fostered and sustained by the internationalisation of the economy, and support the expansion and intensification of value adding activities. CDB's capital and services products promote the adjustment, reorientation and acceleration of the speed of response of private businesses and public institutions to international competition and market opportunities and support business efforts and projects for expansion abroad. CDB also facilitates by its actions and policy recommendations the establishment of a hard and soft infrastructure and management environment which it expects to prove conducive to the attainment of the above referred to development objectives.

CDB pursues its objectives through two core activities: Banking and Consulting. Banking comprises Corporate Banking, Investment Banking and Project Financing. Consulting consists of Management Consulting, Project Management.

Under its banking activities CDB provides bespoken loans, equity funds and venture capital for financing enterprises and projects, as well as the establishment of new businesses. It engages in a broad range of investment banking activities including mergers and acquisitions, the flotation of companies and other capital markets transactions. CDB also promotes the creation of and participates in investment and venture capital funds in co-operation with local and foreign investors.

For further developing businesses and strengthening national competitiveness, CDB attaches great importance to its activities as consultants to private and public entities and organisations. Through these CDB is making a significant contribution to the development of the competitiveness of the Cyprus economy, and the Cyprus Government is a principal client of CDB on matters of strategic setting and management of the basic factors of the domestic economy.

For the purpose of promoting and achieving its goals CDB itself is increasingly playing a regional role mainly in the Balkans and in a number of CIS and Eastern Mediterranean countries, either through direct action by undertaking initiatives and projects in these countries or indirectly by its support of Cypriot businesses to expand abroad.

CDB's strength lies in the quality of its human resources which consist of experienced, high calibre and talented individuals and in its corporate culture which is forward-looking and conducive to fast response to the changing demands of the times. Its core competencies are leadership, imagination, flexibility, and results orientation which enable the satisfaction of clients' needs and the identification and creation of new value adding sources.
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