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Euroinvestment and Finance Ltd

Company Description

Euroinvestment & Finance Ltd provides a range of financial and investment services to corporate clients and the general public.

The company's business is centred around six core activities:

1. Hire Purchase Finance
2. Leasing Finance
3. Business Finance
4. Personal Finance
5. Investor Finance
6. Investments

Converted to a public company in 1990, the company has grown steadily and as a result of the acquisition in August 1995 of Euroinvestment & Merchant Finance Ltd, (EMF), has become one of the largest independent organisations in Cyprus.

Associated with Philoktimatiki and the NKS Group of companies, Euroinvestment & Finance is well placed to serve the needs of its growing clientele. The company has recently acquired the license to offer certain banking activities. This, in relation with the recent agreement with Piraeus Bank, which basically gives the Greek bank the controlling interest, will allow the company to utilise the expertise of Piraeus Bank on banking services in Cyprus.