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Major Shareholder View

Drakos Andreas


He studied in UK with a BA in Accounting and Management and he is a member of the British Institute of management. He started off as an inspector and later on founded several firms including Madgetplan Limited T/A Kypriana Travel in 1981 and Options Eurocongress SA in 1991. The majority of his shares of Madgetplan Limited T/A Kypriana Travel were sold to his uncle, Philippo Charalambous in 1986. Later he managed Madgetplan Limited T/A Priceright Holidays along with Olympic Holidays, which were bought, from his uncle in 1987. These two firms were later bought-out by the executive members of the firms. His C.V includes the founding and running of a real estate and hotel management firm in UK which he then sold, the founding of PAP Medical in Cyprus and Greece (marketing and selling of medical goods) with Mario Papadopoulo. He is also the executive advisor of PAP Medical (Cyprus), Trienna Investments Limited and CyVenture Capital Limited and the higher executive advisor of Options Eurocongress Limited, Libra Holidays Group Limited and Droushia Heights Hotel Co. Limited, which are part of the Cyprus Stock Exchange.