Logicom: Increased Profits for 2000
The company Logicom Ltd. published its pre-audited preliminary consolidated results for the year ending 31 December 2000.

Turnover represents mixed income of the group which equalled 18% with net profits equalling 9%. Turnover was CYP 12.867.094 compared to CYP 8.337.368 in 1999 with pre-tax profits of CYP 1.427.569 compared to CYP 1.011.777 in 1999. Earnings per share were 2.25 cents with fully distributed earnings per share 2.15 cents on an average number of 51.484.994 shares, adjusted for the issue of rights, warrants and bonus shares.

Profits attributable to shareholders is CYP 1.160.909. The Board’s proposal for dividends will be determined during the next meeting of the Board, the date of which will be set the next few days.