Logicom-Cisco Cooperation in Jordan and Lebanon
Logicom Ltd. announced that it has reached an agreement with the multinational company Cisco Systems for the distribution of the Cisco Systems to Lebanon and Jordan through Logicom’s subsidiary Logicom ME s.a.l.

Logicom consider the agreement as most important. The official launch ceremony of the cooperation will take place at a seminar organised by Cisco Systems in Lebanon on the 19 March 2001 at the Mzaar Intercontinental Hotel Faraya.

Logicom already has a presence in Lebanon through its subsidiary Logicom ME s.a.l. which has been operating successfully in Lebanon since September 2000. The company today distributes Cisco Systems, Intel, Microsoft, Hitachi, Sony, Seagate and other multinational companies’ products. The company has been awarded the upcoming company’s award in Lebanon by the Finance Minister of the country, as a result of Logicom’s efforts to establish itself in the country.

Cisco Systems which is based in San Jose, USA, is today the top network products company. Its hardware and other products as well as its services offer network solutions allowing consumers and companies to have immediate and reliable access to information they need, ensuring their ability to respond to today’s commercial demands.

Cisco Systems was formed in 1984 by a team of scientists of Stanford University, with the presentation of their first product in 1986. Since then Cisco Systems has grown into a mutlinational organisation employing more than 40.000 persons in 115 countries. The company is listed on the NASDAQ exchange with annual sales exceeding US$ 20 billion.