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Changes in development spending

05/10/2015 12:07
The budget of 2016 brings changes in the management of development spending, with the former programming office assuming a central role in the government's development plans.

Ministries of Agriculture, Interior and Transport are now losing significant funds which are transferred to the general management of European funds, coordination and development.

This management was set up in November 2013 to replace the programming office. While in 2013 the office was given a budget of just € 21 mn, in 2016 it is given a development budget of €210 mn, which corresponds to approximately 27% of total development spending.

Total development spending amounts to € 784,9 mn versus € 751 mn in the budget of 2015, recording an increase of €33,9 mn or 4,5%.

By ministry, the largest decrease in development spending is expected in the ministry of agriculture, rural development and environment, where budgeted spending is reduced by € 23,9 mn to € 33,2 mn from € 57,1 mn budgeted in 2015. For the Water Development Department, spending is reduced to €20 mn from € 37,8 mn, while for the administration of the Ministry the amount of € 570 thousand is budgeted from € 5,6 mn. For the veterinary services, spending is reduced to € 179,8 thousand from € 3,5 mn.

The ministry of Internal Affairs follows with a reduction of € 21 mn and next comes the ministry of Transport with a € 17,5 mn reduction. For the administration of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, spending is reduced to € 16,2 mn from € 53,3 mn. For the department of public works, public spending is reduced to € 17,1 mn from € 30,9 mn last year.

A significant reduction which reaches € 8,6 mn is recorded in development spending for the Ministry of Labour and Social Insurance, and a € 1,7 mn reduction in spending for the Ministry of Finance.

Spending for the administration of the ministry of labour is reduced to € 2,9 mn from € 4 mn, while spending for the productivity center falls at € 1,9 mn from € 6,6 mn.

On the other hand, an increase of € 95,1 mn is provided for the development spending of independent offices due to expenditure for the general management of European programs, coordination and development reaching € 210,1 mn from €115,1 mn.

An increase of € 10 mn is provided for the Ministry of Education.

Budgeted development spending of the Health ministry increased by €5,4 mn, and for the Ministry of Justice an increase of € 3,6 mn is provided. Development spending for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is increased by € 1,3 mn.

In the ministry of Health, development costs for medical services and public health services increased to € 16,1 mn from € 9,2 mn.

As regards the total appropriations per ministry, the bulk of it goes to the Finance Ministry with € 2155 mn from € 2251 mn in 2015, while the ministry of education and the ministry Labour follow with € 996 mn and €914 mn respectively.