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Govt. insists on CAIR dismissals

24/08/2004 14:38
The Cyprus Airways staff is redundant and a fiscal consolidation in the airlines means the reduction in the number of the existing employees without their victimization, Transport Minister, Haris Thrasou reiterated on Tuesday, after his meeting with the right wing party DISY.

Mr. Thrasou said that there are several high ranking posts that should be abolished, loss-making services that should be restructured and a redundant staff that increases the Company’s payroll.

“There are 1700 employees for 10 aircrafts”, the Minister noted. DISY Deputy Chairman, Averof Neophytou, on the other hand, said that the opposition parties concern about the future of Cyprus Airways and stressed the need of a social dialogue before taking any decisions.

Invited to comment on DISY’s stance on the dismissal of the redundant staff, Mr. Neophytou said that his party will have talks will all parties and will express his view on the Company’s action plan. Mr. Neophytou also said that the survival of Cyprus Airways has many parameters. StockWatch sources reveal that the DISY urged the Transport Minister to proceed to two surveys that will concern Eurocypria and the new data after the liberalization of air transport. DISY supports that the dismissal of the redundant staff should be the last measure of consolidation.