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Authorities announced three COVID-19 cases on Monday

22/09/2020 09:09

Cyprus authorities announced three new COVID-19 cases on Monday from a total 3.036 lab tests. As a result the number of confirmed cases is now 1,603.

One case was traced after referral by a Personal Doctor and concerns an individual with symptoms since September 19.  A total of 190 samples were tested after referrals by Personal Doctors. The other case concerns a person which is a university student and took the test  in the framework of the programme for checking 5,000 people of 18-40 years old. The individual did not travel abroad, has no symptoms and as far as he knows did not come in contact with a confirmed case. A total of 495 samples were tested in the framework of this programme.

The third case concerns an individual from Greece who returned to Cyprus from his country on September 19. He tested positive in Greece three weeks ago. Upon his arrival to Cyprus he presented a COVID-19 test with a negative indication however he did a test again privately at his employers` request before returning to his work in Cyprus. A total of 302 samples were tested at the private initiative.

According to the press release, the patient, who was treated at Nicosia General Hospital Intense Treatment Unity was transferred on Monday to Famagusta Hospital which is the COVID-19 Reference Hospital, where nine patients are treated, two of them at the Intensive Care Unit.

Moreover no cases were traced after carrying out 193 tests to samples taken by the Microbiological Labs of the General Hospitals, after testing 1,779 samples of passengers and people who have been repatriated, after conducting 61 tests of samples taken in the framework of tracing the contacts of already confirmed cases and after carrying out 16 tests in the framework of the Justice and Public Ministry`s programme for people who work at the Courts.