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Sharelink Clarifies Turkish-Cypriot Properties Issue

01/08/2001 16:48
The Chairman of Sharelink Financial Services Ltd. Christodoulos Ellinas issued a statement concerning certain references and information which appeared in the press, pointing to the Sharelink Group of companies and White Knight Holdings Ltd. as being involved in sales/ purchases of Turkish Cypriot owned land.

Mr. Ellinas rejected categorically and emphatically, condemning such abhorrable accusations whose only aim is apparently to serve the perverse interests of those who initiated them.

In order to restore the truth and in an effort to stop the efforts of those who are attempting to tarnish the dignity and credibility of the group, Mr. Ellinas stated unreservedly that the Sharelink Group of companies has never been involved in such type of sales/purchases and has never connected its wide range of business activities with anything directly or indirectly detrimental to national best interests.

As the article in the newspaper states that the Chairman of the Committee for Refugees Mr. Aristophanis Georgiou informed the Minister of Internal Affairs as well as Representatives of the Committee of the information which point to the Group, Mr. Ellinas called for any such evidence to be presented immediately. Further, Mr. Ellinas urged Mr. Georgiou to renounce his parliamentary immunity and to publically repeat the slanderous statements made. This way he would also be liable to legislation and equal treatment to any other citizen of the Cyprus Republic.

Mr. Ellinas called at the same time, the Minister of Internal Affairs to proceed directly with the publication of all transfers made through the Land Registry Office which relate to transactions with Turkish Cypriots to clarify as to who are involved in such treacherous intrigues. If these are not published, questions will remain which may cover up certain persons or organisations and mislead public opinion.

The matter, continued the announcement, must be clarified immediately and finally, as such unsubstantiated lies and immoral rumours against listed companies irrevocably damage once more the stock exchange, insult the dignity of innocent parties and unsuspecting citizens and do not punish those who may be involved in such dealings.

Sharelink are determined to proceed until the whole issue is clarified, reserving all its legal rights.